Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The update you deserve...

Where this blog-book is now going.

Thanks for viewing this blog. If this is your first impression, you can see that I've arranged this blog to publish a book currently in beta form. This is version 0.85 for your use. As I get updates to this, I'll perform the needed changes and get them out to you.

Currently, I've been working on the final form and have an available preview for you. The argument I've had is to make this available on only a per-chapter basis or all at once. One side says that you have the chapters available all online right now, so what is the difference. Another argument is that many eyes can see the editing errors in the final proof before I send it to a Print-On-Demand publisher.

As well, differences between the print and online edition need to be scoured for and corrected.

What's next...

There are a couple more books on the way. Along the course of this study, a new and stream-lined method of thinking developed. It's pretty radical, but has personally given me an incredible increase of speed and ability to think outside any box. It creates a human brainstorm, after a fashion. And now it's a book, via Lulu.

Alongside this research has developed an underlying system of personal thought and self-programming. It seems we think all the time and re-program ourselves all the time. What self-help does is take this re-programming and bring it under your personal control. So this third book gains even more steam as it builds on the first two. My problem is making the time (and keeping myself fed, clothed and under a roof...) to get these books out to you.

Blog-books are all works-in-progress, having the capability to take any book from it's beta version through 2.0 and beyond. It's arguable whether a book could have sequels which then are 2.0, 3.0, etc. In this case, I don't know that the second book really follows on the path the first one takes, but is a supplemental to it. The third gives a practical approach to employing what I've outlined here and also the later research since this book was written.

I imagine at this point that the third book would be the last for this area. This is as when you completely enable the person to change and control his own life, the rest of this is over to that person to accomplish. I certainly don't want to build any cult or sect which builds some philosophic silo around what I write or propose - in order to upsell converts and "make money". I would rather enable the opening of philosophy and making this subject relevant to modern life and living. I'd rather be given the tools to build or repair my house than have to stick with what the original builder provided and having to return to him everytime I have to get a new closet, new coat of paint or a new roof.

Many eyes, as Eric Raymond has it, make more solutions possible for a given problem. For my book, I'll be the head cook coordinating all the many cooks in this kitchen. Others can write their own books. Rest assured that your comment will be given due attention and consideration. I don't consider myself any imperial source in this area - rather I consider this just some fresh thinking which needs peer review.

Good hunting to us all!

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further update 060906:

I posted this book as a blog in order to open the editing process to all readers. While I am responsible for its creation, I consider myself also responsible to you. As you see something you would like to add, or modify, let me know in a comment. I'm alerted via e-mail for every comment and will evaluate them for improved content.

As well, I've already sent this book to press, via This is a Print-On-Demand outlet. Their organization allows me to update the book at will, making changes as I approach the 1.0 edition and even later.

I'd like to add a larger Resources section with more links. I'm sure you know of other references and examples which illustrate the text presented. As I have time, I hope to expand this text with such additional input.

We have here an experiment in publishing. Including the readership in the writing and editing. Enabling the Long Tail to create their own niche product.

Shortly, I'll also enable these books to be sold via Amazon and other brick-and-mortar stores - of course they take their split before I see a dime of it. (So buy your books as above, or send me a donation directly - see link to the right .)

Let me know. I'm waiting to hear from you.

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